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Other Heating Systems

Aside from forced air furnaces, A & B Plumbing Heating and Cooling is well acquainted with other heating systems within the home or work place. Not only are we current with the modern technology of heating and cooling, we are also well versed in boiler installation processes, steam and radiant heat as well.

It’s important to keep your options open with other heating systems because one method might save you more money on your heating bill. The size of your home or office space is a top factor in determining which heating system will benefit you in the long run. Also, you will need to know if your home can accommodate the particular system you are looking to have installed.

Another key point to consider is whether or not the other heating systems will support a cooling system during the warmer season; not all of them will. Do you live in an area where you need both heating and cooling? Or can you live comfortably with just one or the other? Determining what your personal needs are will also help you decide which system is best for you and your household or business.

If you’re looking for other heating systems to replace an older heating unit and are unsure of your options, call our office for a free consultation. Let our technicians help answer some of your questions and put your mind at ease. We would hate for anyone to purchase a heating or cooling system thinking it would work just to have it not be compatible with your current unit.