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Back Flow Testing & Prevention

If waste water is flowing back in to your home, then this is called Backflow. The cause of backflow in Bay City MI, can be many things including water line breaks, fire fighting, flushing out water pipes or sudden drops in water pressure.

The water from back flow can cause serious issues as well as the unpleasant smells and possible cleanup. The water from back flow contain harmful bacteria which can result in serious health problems for this who drink the water. So it is important to fix the issue immediately.

Cross-connection control is an absolutely necessary part of a good plumbing system. Though the municipal water supply is bound by law to do everything they can to prevent backflow issues from their system, those precautions can sometimes fail. If you have well water or your own septic system, you can have backflow problems as well. We can inspect your system to find the problem, install backflow prevention devices to ensure that your water stays safe and potable, and even help you plan the safest piping options for a new construction.